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Mrs Robinsons Homes


By Mrs Robinson's Homes
Tuesday, August 14, 2018


We have secured a flat for a gentleman who is currently living in a hostel. He has been referred to us from ROOTED in HULL.

We need £300 to help pay for his first months rent.

Can you help? If you can donate £1 today, this will change his life.

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A Hull dad wandered the streets until his feet bled for 3 whole days. He wanted to rebuild his life. He lived in a hostel and volunteered with Rooted In Hull, which is a community gardening project.

Mrs Robinson’s Homes secured him a 1 bedroom flat, which gave him the chance to live independently and see his children. Mrs Robinson’s Homes launched an appeal on Social Media for help towards his first month’s rent.

The appeal raised £887.50, which paid for Jason’s first month’s rent, some gas, electric on the meters, food and some essential items for his new home.

Mrs Robinson’s Homes will now be able to help another individual or family in the future.

Mrs Robinson's Homes - Appeal For Help

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